My Hero Ultra Rumble brings My Hero Academia to the Battle Royale Genre

A 24-player free-to-play online multiplayer Battle Royale that features your favorites from MHA!

The battle royale genre in video games is going beyond plus ultra! My Hero Ultra Rumble was announced by Bandai earlier today revealing it to be a 24-player free-to-play online multiplayer Battle Royale game based on the popular anime series.

Developed by BYKING, the studio behind the MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE series, My Hero Ultra Rumble lets you join one of eight teams consisting of 3 players each. Teams will then begin to do what it takes to survive the longest over sprawling city maps while using characters from My Hero Academia. And yes, you get to use their quirks as well! Players can also get items from the field and interact with civilians to either rescue or intimidate them. That’s some awesome map interaction!

Probably the most appealing part of this game is to see how you can get quirks to work together to secure your victory. Victory will definitely be achieved by putting your brains, skills, and –  of course, luck to the test which is almost quite similar to how the UA High School does their skirmishes, tests, and practice runs. We’re looking forward more information as well like how many heroes and villains will be selectable. We’d also love to see how the game plan to put a new perspective or at least their own take on a battle royale game. It is worth saying tbough that My Hero Acadamia is definitely one of the best and strongest IPs they could’ve used for it.


MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE launches in Fall 2023 no the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and STEAM . If you want more information on the game, do check out their website, Facebook,  Instagram,  Twitter,  TikTokLINE and YouTube.  For more news, you can always keep it here in UnGeek as we deliver to you the latest news in gaming!