A Japanese startup unveiled a real-life mecha, priced at USD 3 million

This is the closest we can get to a real-life Gundam!

Japanese startup Tsubame Industries recently unveiled the Archax, a real-life mecha that can be bought for a cool 3 million US Dollars.

Specifically, this startup company recently unveiled a 4.5-meter-tall robot that can be piloted by one person. It’s not exactly Gundam-size, but it might be the closest we’ll get to a real-life Mobile Suit right now. Though take note that it’s not a bipedal mecha that’s straight out of an anime. Instead, it is a four-wheeled robot.

This robot is called ARCHAX, and it features a closed cockpit with monitors where the pilot can see what’s outside. Aside from moving via wheels, the robot can also move its hands and arms. These are controlled via joysticks inside the cockpit.

According to a report by Reuters, the ARCHAX weighs 3.5 tons and is priced at a whopping USD 3 million(that’s PHP 169.98 million). It will also be showcased at the Japan Mobility Show that will happen later this month.

Here are some clips of the mecha in action via the Tsubame Industries official X (formerly Twitter) account:

It’s only fitting that this real-life mecha hails from Japan. After all, Japan is synonymous with mechas as popular robot anime like Mobile Suit Gundam hail from there. In fact, Japan has several life-size Gundam, including the one in Gundam Base Yokohama.

Of course, this ARCHAX mecha is still far from anime mechas, but it’s no doubt a cool piece of tech, even if it doesn’t have much in the way of practical uses.

Source: Reuters