Filipino Studio Secret 6 contributes to the development of Lords of the Fallen

Secret 6 does stunning work for an awesome title once again!

Secret 6, a game development studio based in the Philippines, has revealed that they made significant contributions to the 2D art, 3D art, and real-time visual effects, for Lords of the Fallen. This was done in close collaboration with HEXWORKS Studios and CI Games to make this game which serves as a successor to the Lords of the Fallen game that was released in 2014.

Secret 6 has been collaborating on the game’s development since the very beginning of its production. They designed and created some of the bosses and characters of the game such as Aydr who is the game’s ultimate bad guy. Secret 6 also helped conceptualize and make player characters as well such as the Hallowed Knight, Blackfeather Ranger, Orian Preacher, and the Condemned. Additionally, they also contributed to the model creation of the other player characters. 

The studio’s collaboration with HEWORKS didn’t stop there though as they also did various tasks from asset creation to set dressing and level art to bring the game worlds of Axiom and Umbral, which are key settings of Lords of the Fallen. This resulted in the amazingly stunning environments that really pulls in players as they set the mood and feel of the game. 

Finally, it was also revealed that Secret 6 also made the visual effects for player skills, cinematics, and the most memorable boss fights in the game, including The Congregator Of Flesh, Tancred and Reinhold, Pieta, Harrower Deryla, and Aydr the demon god. Each fight was made so that the effects would reflect the three core magic types associated with the story’s three warring gods, Rhogar of god Adyr, Radiant of god Orius, and Umbral goddess of the Umbral realm. All these were done guided by the creative direction from HEXWORKS Studios resulting into some awesome spell and magic buff effects. 

“We worked with Secret 6 on several fronts during the development of Lords of the Fallen, and trusted them to work on some of the most iconic characters in the game. We found it a smooth collaboration and welcomed their efficient and professional manner. This allowed for strong communication between us during the iterative design and development process. The team at Secret 6 quickly captured the aesthetic style of the game and were strongly engaged during our time working together.” said Alexandre Chaudret, Art Director at HEXWORKS.

Check out Lords of the Fallen to experience first-hand the result of this awesome collaboration between Secret 6, HEXWORKS Studios, and CI Games. Lords of the Fallen is now available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.