Goddess of Victory: NIKKE is celebrating its anniversary with SSR characters and events

We can't believe that it's been a year since NIKKE's launch.

Time flew by fast as Goddess of Victory: NIKKE is celebrating its first anniversary, and to celebrate, Level Infinite dropped major updates. Along with this, fans can also enjoy some special events that will promise rewards for participating players.

To start, players are treated to two powerful SSR characters: Red Hood and Snow White: Innocent Days. Each character can be pulled now, and they each bring unique abilities.

Along with new characters, the NIKKE anniversary celebration also comes with new costumes, including Dorothy – Nostalgia and Harran – Banquet Witch. These allow players to customize their characters’ styles.

On top of these, players can also participate in a range of events. These include the RED ASH Story Event, MEMORY OF GODDESS mini-game, and the 1ST ANNIVERSARY PARTY, Aside from offering Commanders opportunities to challenge themselves, these events will also give rewards to participating players.

These aren’t everything though as Level Infinite also promises various improvements, optimizations, and bug fixes in upcoming updates.

Level Infinite launched NIKKE on mobile devices on November 4, 2022. Soon after, this third-person RPG shooter was also released on PC. Since then the game has continued to enjoy a massive fanbase. It has also collaborated with lots of popular titles like Nier Automata and Chainsaw Man.

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE is available now on Android, iOS, and PC. For more info on the anniversary events, visit the official website.