Cover Corporation announces third generation HOLOSTARS -ARMIS-

Four new Holostars members will debut this weekend!

Hololive Production (English) just announced their latest VTuber talents to join their HOLOSTARS English branch, and this batch will be called HOLOSTARS English -ARMIS-

This third generation of HOLOSTARS VTubers will be composed of four members and will have their respective debuts between November 17 – 18. Much like with previous gens, they’ll hold their very first collab stream on November 18, 2023, at 1:00 PM (JST) (12:00 PM PHT).

While according to their lore HoloTempus is a guild that was later joined by its VANGUARD unit, HOLOSTARS -ARMIS- or holoARMIS are a group of bounty hunters that work separately from the TEMPUS guild.  

Jurard T Rexford


Jurard has the genes of a dinosaur!

He’s a prince who lives by the motto, “survival of the fittest.”

He sometimes shows a glimpse of his ferociousness when he is excited or angry, and uses twin pistols to hunt corruption beasts.

Jurard believes that money and power can solve everything, and is known to be selfish and self-indulgent. His favorite phrases are “get rich quick” and “jackpot!”

He is currently hyperfixated on chess, but due to his fickle nature, it is unclear how long this will last.



Goldbullet is a sniper who is as good at drawing and cooking as he is at shooting. Spicy food is a must for him, and he will drop everything to go on journeys in search of it.

He was given a mysterious meal of extremely spicy food that was rumored to drive people crazy once but finished it without so much as a flinch.

His sense of pain seems to be non-existent.

With first-rate skill as a marksman, he always takes down his prey without fail—even while at play.



Mysterious and knowledgeable, Octavio is a sophisticated and youthful puppeteer. He is particularly versed in human anatomy, and is also devoted to the study of corruption beasts.

When he finds something beautiful, he runs up to it and snaps a picture without hesitation.

He is also known for his unpredictable behavior, such as composing music in the midst of battle.

Using his conductor’s baton, he is able to manipulate corruptions beasts via the strings on his shoulders while in combat.

Rather than a brute, he believes himself to be an elegant fighter in search of perfect melodies.

Crimzon Ruze

Crimzon Ruze is a bombastic great axe-user with a cheerful disposition and a taste for mischief. He is rumored to be of demonic blood because of his superhuman strength—

However, as no one has ever seen him use magic, these claims cannot be confirmed one way or the other.

For Ruze most disagreements are solved by brute strength, but his skill is the real deal.

With his trusty great-axe by his side, he enjoys battles wholeheartedly.

His favorite food is meat because it’s the ultimate pick-me-up!

Chronologically, HOLOSTARS -ARMIS- is the third generation group of male VTubers under the Holostars brand following TEMPUS and Vanguard. After their debut, the branch will have a total of ten active English members.

Meanwhile, on related news Cover Corporation revised their “Derivative Works Guidelines”, and launched its new brand called holo indie:

Cover Corp announces ‘holo Indie’ brand for Hololive indie games