ManiPopCon 2023 kicks off today: Here’s what you can expect

ManiPopCon 2023 brings Mackenyu to the Philippines and more at Ayala Malls Manila Bay.

ManiPopCon 2023 begins today at Ayala Malls Manila Bay, and aside from bringing a big-name star from One Piece, the event will also feature more activities for attendees.

While this event promises to be a huge geek celebration, it is also open to everyone for free, meaning you can drop by at the event to enjoy the sights and activities that the booths and the main stage have to offer.

In case you need more convincing though, here’s a quick rundown of the ManiPopCon 2023 highlights:

Mackenyu and Mela Lee make their way to the Philippines

The highlight of the event for many is no doubt the appearance of Mackenyu, the popular Japanese actor whose popularity skyrocketed recently after starring as Zoro in Netflix’s One Piece live-action series. Even before One Piece though, Mackenyu is already a well-known actor thanks to his role in the live-action Fullmetal Alchemist, Rurouni Kenshin, and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure films.

At the event, Mackenyu will have meet & greet sessions, as well as a solo panel. Though take note that the panel tickets are limited, not to mention that the meet & greets are all sold out.

Next is Mela Lee, ManiPopCon’s next major guest. Lee is best known for voicing Jade in Mortal Kombat 11, Rin Tosaka in Fate/Stay Night, and Yuki Cross in Vampire Knight.

Much like Mackenyu, Lee will also have meet & greet sessions, as well as a solo panel discussion.

Main stage panels and competitions

Aside from the major geek celebrity guests, ManiPopCon also has a lot of activities in store on the main stage. Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect (via the event’s Facebook page):

As you can see, there will be various panels for tabletop games, showcases from ABS-CBN, cosplay competitions, and more.

Based on this schedule, there are lots of things to do at the event, so you may want to consider dropping by on all three days.

Cinema Classics Screenings

Aside from main stage panels and competitions, the event will also feature a selection of classic film screenings.

The films in the lineup include old-school Filipino movies that promise to delight movie buffs. These screenings may even ignite a passion for classic Filipino cinema among younger folks.

All that and more

That’s not all there is to ManiPopCon though as there are a wide array of booths featuring local artists, geek retailers, and brand partners. With these, attendees will have lots of reasons to hang around, and maybe shop for some cool goodies to take home.

ManiPopCon 2023 is happening now until Sunday (November 17 -19, 2023) at Ayala Malls Manila Bay. For more info on the event, visit the official Facebook page and the official website.