Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Suicide Squad: New Posters, Euro 2016 Promo Spot, and Cinema Teaser Magazine Covers released

Hitting theaters this August and showing that even the bad guys get their time in the spotlight, a new set of promotional material including posters, magazine covers, and a cute Euro 2016 type promo have appeared online to promote Warner Bros.' next DC Extended Universe film "Suicide Squad"!

Gaming Mouse and Keyboard GIVEAWAY as GAMDIAS comes to the Philippines!

In celebration of the GAMDIAS debut in the Philippines, we’re raffling off this nifty Gaming Mouse and Keyboard bundle!

WATCH: Extended Trailer for Dark Matter Season 2

In the last Season of Dark Matter our heroes we’re betrayed by one of their own and captured by the Galactic Authorities ending in a “What-The-Hell” blindsiding cliffhanger...

Spiel Des Jahres 2016 Nominees Announced! Which game will take it all?

Has it really been a year already? We’re here again with a new batch of nominees!

Steve Rogers is back as Captain America… HAIL HYDRA?

It's all over the internet, memes have been created, and fans are up in arms over the latest development Marvel has done to one of its most iconic characters. Steve Rogers is BACK as Captain America... And he's also a HYDRA agent?! It's a All-New, All-Different world alright... And things have only just begun for the original Star-Spangled Avenger's newest ongoing series return.

Save the date! Massive Darkness from CMON coming to Kickstarter on June 7!

After months of speculation and bated breath, CMON has finally announced the Kickstarter launch date of their next big Kickstarter project: Massive Darkness! Ready your wallets, ladies and gentlefolk. Mark your calendars for June 7, 3:00 PM EST.

Philippines to represent Southeast Asia in Heroes of the Storm Summer Global Championship

It looks like the Philippines is sending its team to DreamHack Summer for the Heroes of the Storm Summer Global Championship! Congratulations Renovatio!

Pathfinder Adventures now Available!

Are you a big fan of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game? Got a tablet? Then say hello to Pathfinder Adventures!

Arkham Horror: The Card Game to come from FFG?

Prepare to have your sanity in check. Arkham Horror: The Card Game rumors are flying in.

A Glimpse In The Gunpla Hobby

We take a closer look at Gunpla Model Builder scene.


IT: Chapter 2 Movie Review

Who gets the last laugh in the final showdown?

The biggest reveals at Disney’s D23 2019 Expo

Now that's an insane lineup of content for Disney+!

Spider-Man may no longer be part of the MCU

Today is a sad day for Marvel fans.