Wednesday, January 22, 2020


“Justice League Part 1” begins filming on April; Zack Snyder tweets set preview pic w/ Jason Momoa

With the DC Films Universe opening to a confrontation between the Dark Knight and Man of Steel in next month's "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice", Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have officially made the announcement that "Justice League Part 1" begins filming on April this year! Zack Snyder will be returning to direct the epic, and he just tweeted a teaser image featuring himself and Aquaman actor Jason Momoa in a workshop featuring JL set costumes!

WATCH: Character Trailer for Russian Superhero Movie “Zaschitniki”

Begin transmission - Здравствуйте (greetings)! Comrade, you're probably aware of our previous progress report. We have now begun field testing of our subjects. The outcome...

Deadpool earns BIG and becomes the highest grossing X-Men Movie EVER

In what is truly a BIG PAYOFF for ol' Wade Wilson himself, the Deadpool Movie has earned BIG in the worldwide box office, grossing as much as nearly $500 Million globally and becoming the HIGHEST GROSSING X-MEN MOVIE EVER! Chimichanga celebrations all around!

Epic! Fire Emblem Fates: Special Edition Asks Which Side Will You Choose? Full Unboxing and Impressions.

  Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright and Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest was released last Friday in the Philippines, and because no proper pre-order method was given to...

Empire Magazine pays homage to Marvel’s Civil War with new cover spotlighting Captain America: Civil War!

In what will certainly be a collector's edition that pays homage to the source material, the latest upcoming issue of Empire Magazine spotlights "Captain America: Civil War" by paralleling the cover to the seventh and final issue of Marvel's 2006-2007 Civil War series, where Cap and Iron Man make a final stand against each other!

Melisandre attends Seth Meyers’ Baby Shower and brings the Heat and Steel

Fanning the flames of the GoT hype, Actress Carice van Houten visited Seth Meyers’ late night NBC talk show to promote the upcoming sixth season of HBO fantasy drama, "Game of Thrones".

WATCH: Great Music and Sexy Shadow Mamas | Let’s Play Contrast (P1)

This game from Compulsion Games and Focus Home Interactive is a gem... a relatively old gem but a gem all the same. CONTRAST is a...

DC Comics finally reveals their plans for “Rebirth”

Beginning on May 25th, DC Comics will restructure the line and begin a new wave of rebirths for their titles and issues, as their "Rebirth" plans have been laid out that not only sees new #1 issues and status quo changes, but also Detective Comics and Action Comics reverting to their original numberings!

SEGA gives away MORE FREE STEAM GAMES. Get them now! | “Make War Not Love” Promo

Okay. In case you missed it, SEGA's been giving away FREE GAMES for STEAM as part of their MAKE WAR NOT LOVE Promotion. Previously they had given away Golden Axe, Hell Yeah!, Jet Set Radio, and some DLCs. Now, the happiness continues as they give away MORE GAMES!

Quick Look: Hori Tactical Assault Commander 4

Japanese brand, Hori, released the follow up to their Tactical Assault Commander line just in time for Black Ops 3 back in November. This keyboard and mouse peripheral for the Playstation 4 is official licensed by Sony, so technically -- no one can say you're cheating, but let's be honest -- You are to some degree.


Studio Ghibli films are finally coming to Netflix!

Time for a Ghibli marathon!