Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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League of Legends Worlds 2019 – The Teams Are In!

The Stage is set! It’s been a crazy season for League of Legends, full of intense rivalries, wild flex picks, nail-biting finishes but finally the best of the best have qualified for grandest stage of them all… Worlds 2019!

The Results are In! Here are the winners of The Game...

Here's the complete list of winners!

3 teams, 2 new heroes, and 1 Dendi sighting – The...

The International ain't an International without Dendimon!

Fan Expo Canada 2016: Not Your Ordinary Halloween Party

A look at the awesome Cosplay Scene of the Fan Expo Canada 2016!

Fan Expo Canada 2016 lives up to the Hype and Delivers...

Ranked as one of the largest Cons in North America, Fan Expo Canada 2016 took over the entire Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Canada. Here's a look at what went down.
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