Nintendo unveils Monster Hunter Rise special edition Switch console

There's also a Monster Hunter Rise-themed Pro Controller.

To mark the upcoming release of Monster Hunter Rise, Nintendo just revealed a Monster Hunter Rise special edition Switch console. This limited edition Switch features Monster Hunter-inspired design elements, as well as a decal of the game’s signature monster–Magnamalo.

This limited edition Switch has Monster Hunter-inspired designs on the back of the console itself, on the Switch dock, and even on the Joy-Con controllers.

Here is a closer look at the new Monster Hunter edition Switch:

Aside from the console itself, this Switch version comes with a copy of Monster Hunter Rise. Specifically, the game’s digital version will be installed in the Switch console.

Aside from the limited edition Switch, Nintendo also unveiled a Monster Hunter Rise Pro Controller. Similar to the dock of the special edition Switch, this Pro Controller features a design based on the Magnamalo.

The Monster Hunter Rise Switch console and Pro Controller will be priced at JPY 38,400 (around PHP 17,800) and JPY 7,480 (around PHP 3,470) respectively. The console and controller will release in Japan on March 26, 2021–the same day as the release date of Monster Hunter Rise. Currently though, there’s no word yet on if this special edition Switch will release internationally.

Already have a Switch? You can try out Monster Hunter Rise with a free demo that can be downloaded via the eShop, though it’ll only be available until January 31.