Magic: The Gathering returns to a fan-favorite plane with Innistrad: Midnight Hunt

Just in time for the month of spooks.

Just in time for the month of spooks, Innistrad: Midnight Hunt sees the return of a familiar and, not to mention, fan-favorite plane that’s set the world of Magic: The Gathering.


Last we checked on this set, Emrakul – MTG’s version of H.P. Lovecraft’s great old ones has been imprisoned in the moon. With one of Magic’s greatest adversaries seemingly defeated and exiled (?) the event somehow let to some strange phenomenon where the days are getting shorter and the nights apparently getting more screen-time than usual… Much to the delight of the common nocturnal denizens that are abundant in the plane.


Katilda, a powerful human warlock sets to restore the day/night balance and to do so she asks the help of Arlinn Kord, a tormented werewolf who protects the area (who also happens to be a planeswalker). Arlinn needs to track down a certain artifact known as a the Moonsilver Key to help Katilda in her finishing her ritual which, unsurprisingly involves humans that need to participate in a festival. Easy enough for a werewolf to track down right? Not when you have to get it from one vampire planeswalker named Sorin Markov. Eventually, all of this will conclude in Magic: The Gathering’s upcoming set – Crimson Vow which will release next month!


But while that’s still a few days to go, this article we will be featuring Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, specifically this lovely Press Kit sent to us by the good folks over at Wizards of the Coast.

First, the box itself serves as a lovely container for all your precious cardboard and dice. If you like playing draft, using this box as a “set cube” to store all your Innistrad: Midnight Hunt cards seems like a perfect fit.


Inside the box contains some wonderful playing pieces and lore-fuel that can definitely spice up a game night.


I “bloody” love these marbled D6’s, perfect when keeping track of planeswalker loyalty counters.


There’s also this thematic letter and a newspaper clipping to get you in the mood of the plane. The candle by the way, is not included.


For those who followed the set since the original Innistrad block back in 2011, this will certainly be a nostalgic and very worthwhile visit to one of the most popular planes in all of Magic’s deep history.

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt is available NOW at your friendly local game stores. It’s follow-up set – Crimson Vow, launches November 19.

Safety protocols observed, you might want to drop in for a game or two as they are slowly getting back to hosting events. For the newcomers who just found their spark, I’m sure the shop owners would be more than happy to teach how the game is played and who knows? They might even give you a free promo card or two!

Here’s Magic: The Gathering Store locator to help you find a game area near you. Alternatively, you can play the new set of cards digitally over at MTG Arena.

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