Disney+ unveils new anime lineup that’s coming later this year

Here are the anime that you can watch on Disney+ later this year!

Disney+ continues to beef up its anime lineup in 2023 as the streaming giant announced its new lineup of anime titles that are coming.

Just this year, Disney+ has released some big anime titles exclusively, including Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown Arc and Tengoku Daimakyo (a highlight of the Spring 2023 season if you ask us).

Now, Disney confirmed that fans can expect three more anime titles to release on the platform this year. These include:

  • Dragons of Wonderhatch – This previously announced hybrid story set in both the “real world” and an anime land called Upananta where dragons and humans coexist. Dragons of Wonderhatch tells the cross-dimensional story of Nagi, a high school student who feels out of place; Thaim, a dragon rider who communicates with dragons in Upananta, and Aktha, a dragon rider hero. Dragons of Wonderhatch stars Sena Nakajima, Daiken Okudaira and Mackenyu.
  • Tokyo Revengers: Tenjiku Arc – The popular anime series, part of Disney’s collaboration with Japanese publishing house Kodansha, returns with the fan-favorite Tenjiku Arc depicting the “Kanto Incident” and the last war between the Tokyo Manji Gang, led by Manjiro Sano; and the Tenjiku, led by Izana Kurokawa. Will Takemichi, the former bad boy turned time traveler, be able to stop a tragedy in the past to save the present? Tune in this October to find out!
  • PHOENIX: EDEN17 – Produced by STUDIO4°C and based on the legendary manga “PHOENIX” by Osamu Tezuka, this series follows Romi and her partner as they flee the dystopian hellscape of earth in the hope of a better life on the planet Eden, only to discover that Eden no longer exists. 

Aside from these anime titles, Disney+ will also stream the Japanese TV drama A Town Without Seasons, as well as an all-new ice show performance by renowned Japanese ice-skater Yuzuru Hanyu. Plus, there’s SYNDUALITY Noir which began streaming yesterday, July 11.

Aside form anime titles and other Japanese shows, Disney+ also shared its lineup of Korean titles. These include:

  • Moving
  • The Worst of Evil
  • Vigilante 
  • Soundtrack #2
  • BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star
  • Han River Police 

Finally, viewers can look forward to more titles from Korea and Japan next year, inlcuding Korea’s A Shop For Killers and Red Swan, and Japan’s House of the Owl and Murai In Love.