Coca-Cola Ultimate League of Legends Edition now available in the Philippines

This new Coke Limited Edition drink is "XP-Flavored."

First introduced in the US back in June, the Coca-Cola Ultimate Limited Edition League of Legends drink is now available in the Philippines.

This limited edition Coke flavor is the latest on the brand’s Creations line following previous collaborations like the Marshmello drink last year. Though this time, instead of an artist, Coke teamed up with Riot Games.

As Coke didn’t exactly promote the drink in the Philippines, we were surprised to see it be available locally. Take note, this is not the US version as this drink is made here in the Philippines. Plus, it’s a Zero Sugar cola unlike in the US.

For the Philippine release, the Coke x League of Legends drink features a unique design on the can that’s inspired by Riot’s ever-popular MOBA.

Interestingly, there’s no description of what it tastes like. Instead, it is only said to be “+XP Flavored.” This is quite a vague description, so I definitely had to give it at try.

What does the Coke Ultimate Edition League of Legends drink taste like?

According to the Coca-Cola US website, the drink “takes the recognizable Coca-Cola taste and adds the electrifying taste of +XP.” I don’t know what that means, though upon pouring it in a glass, it looks very much like standard Coke.

Upon tasting it, I first though it tasted like Cherry Coke. Though the fruitiness tasted more like bubblegum after a while. In fact, after a few more sips, my best guess that it’s a bubblegum-flavored cola, or a vaguely fruit cola that’s quite different from the watermelon and strawberry-flavored Mashmello cola from last year.

While it won’t replace Coke Zero Sugar Vanilla as my cola of choice, the bubblegum-like flavor surprisingly works well with the Coke taste. So, if you like that kind of flavor, you’ll probably like this. Even if you’re not too keen on that flavor, this might still be worth a try as it’s not cloyingly sweet (thanks to being zero sugar).

Coca-Cola Ultimate Limited Edition League of Legends – Where to buy in the Philippines

We found this can at a nearby 7-Eleven store, though we have yet to see it in other convenience stores or supermarkets near us. Right now, your best bet is to go to a 7-Eleven as that’s also where we typically happen upon new Coke releases.

Though here’s hoping that it gets released in more stores and maybe online so that League of Legends fans can give it a try.