Monday, September 21, 2020
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New Overwatch story reveals that Soldier: 76 is gay

He is now the second confirmed LGBTQ character in the game!

The Uprising has Begun! | Latest Overwatch Seasonal Event NOW LIVE!

After the hype drummed up by the latest Overwatch Web Comic and the Overwatch Insurrection Leak, the latest Overwatch Seasonal Event is HERE - OVERWATCH UPRISING!

A new event called Insurrection for Overwatch just leaked and we’re...

The leak is out and the new event for Overwatch looks to be anything but blue! Check out the details of the new event!

Nerf This! Wave 2 Overwatch Funko Pops are Coming!

Following up on the widely successful first set of chibi figures made by Funko, the popular toy brand just revealed new images for the next heroes coming for wave 2! Wallets on ready!

It’s Official: Tracer from Overwatch is a Lesbian! | New Overwatch...

Overwatch just released their Holiday Webcomic entitled "Reflections" and we finally get to see that Tracer is officially lesbian (or bi).

This Video of Overwatch Voice Actors Hanging Out is All Sorts...

Jonny Cruz aka the Voice Actor of Lucio from Overwatch posted on Twitter a video of him hanging out with the rest of the Overwatch Voice Actors in-character!

IT’S ALIIIIVE!! The Overwatch Halloween Terror Update is NOW LIVE!

Heroes beware (well... rejoice actually)! The much awaited Overwatch Halloween Terror Patch is FINALLY LIVE as of a few hours ago and it brings in a lot of tricks and a TON of treats!
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