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After 20 Years, Xenogears Will Finally Get a New Set of...

After 20 years since Xenogears graced the original PlayStation console back in 1998, the classic video game is finally having a new wave of figures!

Hammerhead’s Hottie, Cindy Aurum Will Be Getting the Play Arts Kai...

Continuing the awesome lineup of Final Fantasy XV figures from Play Arts Kai, Square Enix just opened up its pre-orders for Hammerhead’s resident mechanic, Cindy Aurum.

These Final Fantasy VII Remake Figures From Play Arts Kai Will...

The figures will be out before the much-awaited remake because let's face it, all your Gil belongs to Square Enix now.

A Whole New Toy Con Experience – Philippine Toy Con 2016...

Now on its 15th year, the country’s biggest and longest-running toy convention just got even bigger! And not just venue-bigger, they partnered with PopLife FanXperience to bring in some of the big names in the industry and to give you a Toy Con experience unlike any you've had before! Here are some of the highlights from Day 1!

Play Arts Kai Darth Vader: Who’s Your Daddy Luke?!

An Awesome Interpretation of Darth Vader by Play Arts The Play Arts Kai variant of Darth Vader first surfaced as a prototype during the Tokyo...
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