Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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SEGA’s New Project, Valkyria Chronicles 4: Eastern Front is Finally Revealed!

It will drop on all major consoles 2018!

The Toughest Honey you can find was spotted in HCon 2017!

Let's get a bit Historical, shall we?

Be Right at the Heart of the Action in Bravo Team...

Teamwork and split-second tactical decisions? Seems like my kind of game! #TeamBravo #PSX17SEA

COD returns to its roots with CALL OF DUTY: WWII!

Call of Duty is finally coming back to its roots in their latest upcoming installment of the series. Welcome to Call of Duty: WWII!

With Every Alliance, There’s Always an Inevitable Betrayal | Rising Sun...

Following the footsteps of the highly successful Blood Rage boardgame comes Rising Sun! One that is sure to be another hit from acclaimed designer Eric Lang and publisher Cool Mini or Not.

That Game with a lot of G’s | SD Gundam G-Generation...

Bandai-Namco's latest entry in it's long-running series is a smorgasbord of Gundam goodness!

In Space, No One Will Know You Know Nothing | Call...

The latest entry in the COD franchise now sees us in the far reaches of space. Think this is for you? Here's our review of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Digital Edition of Twilight Struggle Releases Tomorrow for the PC/Mac. Android...

Twilight Struggle hits your PCs and Macs (and soon iOS and Android) tomorrow! Determine how the Cold War ends in this digital translation of the popular board game of the same name!

Game of Thrones Latest Promo Video Foretells of an Action-Packed Season

I'm afraid many more will meet their demise as HBO's latest promo video for their hit fantasy drama show, Game of Thrones, points to all-out mayhem and war. Check out the video.
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