Thursday, October 22, 2020
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Chrono Trigger for PC Gets a New Update This April

You now have the option to change between high-res and old-school graphics.

You Might Want to Hold Off in Getting The PC Version...

You might want to take your time in getting this.

Chrono Trigger Gets a PC Version Via Steam!

Includes exclusive and original content that will appeal to the longtime fans.

Ignis Finally Gets the Spotlight in Final Fantasy XV’s December DLC...

Our favorite chef gets to cook up his own adventure this time around!

That Big N Means NOSTALGIA! | SNES Classic Edition Review

Take a blast from the past as we go back in time to try this 16-bit beast!

Here are 10 games we’d like to see when the SNES...

With the rumored return of the SNES in mini-form, here are the top 10 games we'd like to see when it happens!

Meet IGA, the Man behind the Playstation 1 masterpiece Castlevania: Symphony...

You've played his games and have most probably backed his latest offering via Kickstarter, now get to know more about the man behind the legend in our interview with none other than Koji Igarashi!

MEDIOCRE MONSTER makes a Huge Splash in the Gaming Scene

If you've played a lot of these games, you'd be familiar with battling random monsters as you grind of XP and cash. Mediocre Monster turns that on its head and gives you an unusual RPG experience by letting you play the role of - you guessed it - a mediocre monster... and the concept is simply AWESOME.
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